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HDTV Star War Fate

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Star War Fate > shorl.com/pryvonugrydilo

Star War Fate, criminal minds s10e1

Internal flapEdit Following a trail of clues across the galaxy, Luke Skywalker continues his quest to find the reasons behind Jacen Solos dark downfall and to win redemption for the Jedi Order. However, they soon learn that Ship is leading the fleet toward the source that had coerced him to leave the Tribe in the first place. The Mindwalkers who Ben and Luke meet are similar to the lotus-eaters encountered by Odysseus in Homer's The Odyssey.[3] Cover galleryEdit Front coverBack coverAdd a photo to this gallery Fate of the Jedi Outcast Omen Abyss Backlash Allies Vortex Conviction Ascension Apocalypse Notes and referencesEdit Abyss: Star Wars (Fate of the Jedi) on Amazon.com (Hardcover) Abyss (Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi, Book 3) on Amazon.com (Paperback) 3.0 3.1 The Essential Reader's Companion Sue Rostoni on the StarWars.com Message Boards Sue Rostoni on the Star Wars Message Boards External linksEdit Stare into the Abyss on StarWars.com (content now obsolete; backup link on Archive.org) What's Behind the Abyss. She explains that it was thanks to Darth Caedus who set her on this mental path, as he was a Sith, and to Daala, a Sith is nothing more than a fallen Jedi. After Jacen's fall to the dark side, much of the galaxy sees Jedi Knights as rogue soldiers too dangerous and unstable to leave unfettered. Jaina promises Jag to keep this a secret, as Jag believes that he can use this information to his advantage in order to actually help the Order somehow. None of the deceased characters that Luke and Ben encounter tell them about the mysterious female presence who Luke senses in the Lake of Apparitions, and the feelings between the Skywalkers and Jacen are still difficult, considering all that he had done to them during the Second Galactic Civil War. Sojourning among the mysterious Aing-Tii monks has left Luke and his son Ben with no real answers, only the suspicion that the revelations they seek lie in the forbidden reaches of the distant Maw Cluster.

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AppearancesEdit By type Characters Creatures Droid models Events Locations Organizations and titles Sentient species Vehicles and vessels Weapons and technology Miscellanea CharactersDramatis personae Ahri Raas; Sith apprentice (Keshiri male) Ben Skywalker; Jedi Knight (human male) Han Solo; Captain, Millennium Falcon (human male) Jagged Fel; Head of State, Galactic Empire (human male) Jaina Solo; Jedi Knight (human female) Leia Organa Solo; Jedi Knight (human female) Luke Skywalker; Jedi Grand Master (human male) Olaris Rhea; Sith Lord (human female) Vestara Khai; Sith apprentice (human female) Yuvar Xal; Sith Master (human male) Other characters Abeloth (First identified as Abeloth) Anji (First identified as Anji) Avinoam Arelis (First appearance) Atar (First appearance) Baxton (First appearance) C-3PO / "Goldenrod" / "Threepio" Darth Caedus / Jacen Solo (Appears as a ghost or a spirit) Lando Calrissian (Mentioned only) Nas Choka (Indirect mention only) Cilghal Natasi Daala Tenel Ka Djo (Mentioned only) Teneniel Djo (Mentioned only) Dordi (First appearance) Wynn Dorvan Kyp Durron Feryl (First appearance) Boba Fett (Mentioned only) Kenth Hamner Seff Hellin Corran Horn Jysella Horn (Frozen in carbonite) (Mentioned only) Mirax Terrik Horn Valin Horn (Frozen in carbonite) (Mentioned only) Isolder (Mentioned only) The Iteration (body of Jaden Korr) (Retcon) Karpette (First appearance) Kyle Katarn Rasher Ke'e (First appearance) Gavar Khai (Indirect mention only) Jaden Korr (in Iteration body) (Retcon) Darth Krayt (Indirect mention only) Tsavong Lah (Indirect mention only) Drikl Lecersen (First identified as Drikl Lecersen) Arabelle Lorteli / "Lortle" (First appearance) Lowbacca (Mentioned only) Qwallo Mode (First appearance) Perre Needmo (First appearance) Cha Niathal (Mentioned only) Palpatine (Mentioned only) Gilad Pellaeon (Mentioned only) R2-D2 "Artoo-Detoo" Wruq Retk (First appearance) Rosii (First appearance) Melari Ruxon (First appearance) Seek Ryontarr (First appearance) Yaqeel Saav'etu Saba Sebatyne Tesar Sebatyne Mara Jade Skywalker (Appears as a ghost or a spirit) Allana Solo Anakin Solo (Appears as a ghost or a spirit) Kam Solusar (Mentioned only) Tionne Solusar (Appears in flashback(s)) Reeqo Swen (First appearance) Tadar'Ro (Mentioned only) Tekli Booster Terrik (Mentioned only) Raynar Thul / former Unu Thul Jabba Desilijic Tiure "Jabba the Hutt" (Mentioned only) Trebek (First mentioned) Rhondi Tremaine (First appearance) Rolund Tremaine (First appearance) Javis Tyrr Unidentified Duros lieutenant (First appearance) Unidentified Galactic Alliance task force commander (First appearance) Unidentified Keshiri Sith (First appearance) Tahiri Veila Nawara Ven Darish Vol (Mentioned only) Baad Walusari (First appearance) Natua Wan Bazel Warv / "Barv" Weeze (First appearance) Wilyem (First appearance) Xanda (First appearance) Yoda (Mentioned only) Zal (First appearance) Axela Zin (First appearance) Creatures Bloodfin (Mentioned only) Canakal bird (First mentioned) Cannus solix (First mentioned) Chitlik (Mentioned only) Drendek (First appearance) Murglak (Mentioned only) (as an insult) Mynock (Mentioned only) Nerf (Mentioned only) Nexu Ornuk (Mentioned only) Rancor (Mentioned only) Ronto (Mentioned only) Schutta (Mentioned only) (as an insult) Shartuuk (First mentioned) Shenbit bonecrusher (Mentioned only) Spider (cartoon version) Tarnogg (First mentioned) Thedyklae (First mentioned) Uvak (Mentioned only) Wampa (Mentioned only) Worm (Mentioned only) Ysalamir Zo'oxi (First mentioned) Droid models Assassin droid (Mentioned only) Astromech droid R2-series astromech droid Lovolol cleaning droid (First appearance) Protocol droid 3PO-series protocol droid Valet droid VeeTen (First appearance) Events Battle of Mindor (Mentioned only) Coruscant Livestock Exchange and Exhibition "Pet expo" (Mentioned only) Dark Nest Crisis "Killik crisis" (Mentioned only) Skirmish at Qoribu (Indirect mention only) Duel on Death Star II (Indirect mention only) Great Hyperspace War (Indirect mention only) Battle of Kirrek (Mentioned only) Lost Tribe of Sith emergence Skirmish at Sinkhole Station (First appearance) Raid on the Armand Isard Correctional Facility (Indirect mention only) Second Galactic Civil War (Mentioned only) Battle of Centerpoint Station (Mentioned only) Battle of Uroro Station (Mentioned only) Second Battle of Fondor (Mentioned only) Skirmish on Kavan (Mentioned only) Solo-Niathal coup (Mentioned only) Skirmish at the Krabbis Inn (First appearance) Sok Brok's Fiftieth Annual Pet Show "Pet show" (Mentioned only) Swarm War (Mentioned only) Trial of Tahiri Veila (First appearance) Yuuzhan Vong War (Mentioned only) Mission to Myrkr (Mentioned only) Locations Beyond shadows (First appearance) Ancient ruins (First appearance) Font of Power (First appearance) Lake of Apparitions (First appearance) Depths of Eternity (First appearance) Mirror of Remembrance (First appearance) Mists of Forgetfulness (First appearance) Pool of Knowledge (First appearance) Throne of Balance (First identified as Throne of Balance) Coruscant Armand Isard Correctional Facility (Indirect mention only) Big Snarl (Mentioned only) Coruscant Undercity Fellowship Plaza Solo family quarters "Solos' apartment" Walking Garden (First appearance) Galactic Alliance Security blockhouse Galactic Alliance Storage (First appearance) Galactic Justice Center Impound station Trill Aurek Papa (First mentioned) Krabbis Inn (First appearance) Lecersen's apartment (First appearance) Palem Graser Office Tower (First appearance) Tahiri Veila's apartment (Mentioned only) Temple Court New Jedi Temple High Council Chamber Jedi Archives (Mentioned only) Jedi Temple Detention Center Asylum Block Jedi Temple Docking Complex "Subsurface speeder gate" Jedi Temple Situation Room Corellian system (Indirect mention only) Talus (Mentioned only) Tralus (Mentioned only) Dagobah (Mentioned only) Dathomir (Mentioned only) Endor (Mentioned only) Fondor (Mentioned only) Hoth (Mentioned only) Kathol Rift (Mentioned only) Kesh (Mentioned only) Kirrek (Mentioned only) Korriban (Mentioned only) Valley of the Dark Lords (Mentioned only) Mandalore (Mentioned only) Mindor (Mentioned only) Nath Goordi (First mentioned) Pavo Prime (Mentioned only) Ramoa (First mentioned) Tapani sector (Mentioned only) Taris (Mentioned only) Tatooine (Mentioned only) The Maw Abeloth's planet (First appearance) Abeloth's cave (First appearance) Shelter (Mentioned only) Sinkhole Station (First appearance) Stable Zone One (First appearance) Unidentified Blue sun (First appearance) Throne of Balance (First identified as Throne of Balance) Transitory Mists (Mentioned only) Hapes Cluster (Mentioned only) Shedu Maad (Mentioned only) Unknown Regions (Mentioned only) Gyuel system (Mentioned only) Qoribu (Mentioned only) Organizations and titles Aing-Tii (Mentioned only) Alliance to Restore the Republic "Rebellion" (Mentioned only) Aratech Repulsor Company (Mentioned only) Assassin (Mentioned only) BlasTech Industries (Mentioned only) Bounty hunter (Mentioned only) Chiss Ascendancy (Mentioned only) The Colony (Mentioned only) Joiner (Mentioned only) Con artist Detective (Mentioned only) Disciples of Ragnos (Mentioned only) Fallanassi (Mentioned only) Far Seekers (First mentioned) Galactic Empire (Mentioned only) Galactic Emperor (Mentioned only) Galactic Federation of Free Alliances Bolt Squadron (First appearance) Chief of State Coruscant Enforcement Services (Mentioned only) Court of Jedi Affairs (First appearance) Judge Fleet Command (Mentioned only) Galactic Alliance Security Captain Colonel Lieutenant Galactic Alliance Senate (Mentioned only) Senator (Mentioned only) Galactic City Air Traffic Control (First identified as Galactic City Air Traffic Control) Galactic Republic "Old Republic" (Mentioned only) Hapes Consortium (Mentioned only) Chume'da Queen Mother (Mentioned only) Heresiarchs (Mentioned only) Imperial Remnant Admiral (Mentioned only) Grand Admiral (Mentioned only) Moff Council (Mentioned only) Moff Head of State Inner Seers (First mentioned) Jensaarai (Mentioned only) Journalist Kuat Drive Yards "KDY" (Mentioned only) LevitaRest (First mentioned) Mandalorian Mandalorian Supercommando Maw Irregular Fleet (Mentioned only) Mind Walkers / Mind Drinkers (First identified as Mind Walkers) Moisture farmer (Mentioned only) Nath Goordian heirs (First appearance) New Jedi Order Grand Master Jedi apprentice Jedi healer Jedi High Council Jedi Knight Jedi Master Myrkr strike team (Indirect mention only) The Unit (Mentioned only) Wild Knights (Mentioned only) Youngling (Mentioned only) New Republic (Mentioned only) Pilot Pirate (Mentioned only) Potentium (Mentioned only) Princess PsiCor (First mentioned) Reborn Sith Lumiya's Sith (Mentioned only) Dark Lord of the Sith "Dark Lord" (Mentioned only) Sith Lord Sith Empire Lost Tribe of Sith Circle of Lords (Mentioned only) Grand Lord (Mentioned only) High Lord (Mentioned only) Sith Lord Lost Tribe of Sith strike team (First appearance) Sith apprentice Sith armada Sith Master Sith Saber Sith Tyro (Mentioned only) Slayn & Korpil (Mentioned only) Smuggler (Mentioned only) SoroSuub Corporation (Mentioned only) Spy (Mentioned only) Warmaster (Mentioned only) Sentient species Aing-Tii (Mentioned only) Barabel / "Shorttail" Bith Bothan Celestial (Mentioned only) Chadra-Fan Chevin Chiss (Mentioned only) Duros Falleen Givin Gotal Gran (in beyond shadows realm) Gungan (Mentioned only) Hapan Ho'Din (Mentioned only) Human Hutt (Visionto Leia Organa Solo) Ishi Tib (Visionto Leia Organa Solo) Jenet Keshiri Killik (Mentioned only) Gorog (Mentioned only) Mon Calamari Neimoidian Ortolan Ramoan Rodian Squib (Visionto Leia Organa Solo) Toydarian (Mentioned only) Trandoshan (in beyond shadows realm) Twi'lek Ugnaught (Mentioned only) Wookiee Yaka Yuuzhan Vong (Mentioned only) Zoolli (First appearance) Vehicles and vessels Airspeeder BeamStreak (First appearance) FloatVan (First appearance) Baanu Rass (Mentioned only) Centerpoint Station (Mentioned only) Glowpoint (Mentioned only) Escape pod Eternal Crusader Freighter Galactic Alliance Security assault speeder (First appearance) Gizer Gut (First appearance) Hovercart (Mentioned only) Hoversled Landspeeder Limousine Nargi-class pursuit frigate (First appearance) Fast Death (First appearance) Quick End (First appearance) Needle ship (swoop-sized) Omen (Mentioned only) Orbital defense platform PharmCom Orbital Processing Plant One (First appearance) Shuttle (Mentioned only) Sith Meditation Sphere Ship Skiff (Mentioned only) Star Destroyer (Mentioned only) Anakin Solo (Mentioned only) StealthX TGM Marauder (First appearance) TheedSpeed Galaxy Runner (First appearance) Tibanna tanker (First mentioned) XJ5 X-wing starfighter "XJ5 ChaseX" Bolt Squadron (First appearance) Yacht Jade Shadow Lady Luck (Mentioned only) StarTripper (First appearance) She's a Chancer (First appearance) YT-1300 light freighter Millennium Falcon / Longshot / Star Princess Weapons and technology Air scrubber Baradium missile Blaster Blaster pistol DL-44 heavy blaster pistol Blaster rifle Bow (Mentioned only) Chrono Comlink Comm station Comm unit Concussion grenade (Mentioned only) Control receptor Crash webbing Cybernetics "Artificial hand" Dagger (Mentioned only) Datapad Deflector shield Encephaloscanner Enviro-suit "Vac suit" Flechette launcher Freefloater desk (First appearance) Garbage compactor Glowrod Grenade Fragmentation grenade Stun grenade Hold-out blaster Holocam Holocron Holocomm Holodrama (Mentioned only) Hologram HoloNet HoloNet News Holoprojection pad Hoverdolly (First appearance) Hovergurney Hover-sofa (First appearance) Hyperdrive Inertial compensator Intercom Ion drive Ion torpedo (Mentioned only) System Burner ion torpedo (First mentioned) Jetpack Lightsaber Ben Skywalker's lightsaber Jaina Solo's lightsaber Luke Skywalker's lightsaber Sith lightsaber Macrobinoculars (Mentioned only) Magmine (First appearance) Magnetic field "Containment field" (Appears in flashback(s)) Magrifle (First appearance) Mandalorian armor / Beskar'gam Maneuvering thruster Medpac Mirrfield Missile launcher Nanoscalpel Nav computer Parang Pedwalk Photoreceptor Power cell Proton torpedo R-20 scatterblaster (First appearance) Quick-code (First appearance) Recording rod Remote Repeating blaster Repulsorlift Satellite (Mentioned only) Shikkar Signal receptor Skylane Stokhli spray stick (Mentioned only) Stun baton "Stun stick" Stun cuffs Shock shackles T-21 light repeating blaster Thermal detonator (Mentioned only) Thermite tamper guard (First mentioned) tracking beacon (Mentioned only) Tractor beam (Mentioned only) Tranquilizer dart Transponder code Turbolift Vibrodagger (Mentioned only) Vibroknife (Mentioned only) Vidwall / Vidscreen Wallscope (First appearance) Windscreen Miscellanea Airlock Ammonia Azetal (First appearance) Basic Binary Blartree (First appearance) Braboli (First appearance) Benzodi (First appearance) Black hole Blood stylus (First appearance) Bomb-bon (First mentioned) Carbonite Coruscanti Crash Hour (First mentioned) Credit (Mentioned only) CrystaClear (First mentioned) Cyborg Destructors (Mentioned only) Durasteel Exile Fangball (First appearance) Fangflower (First mentioned) Fern Flimsiplast The Force Blood trail Dark side of the Force Force lightning Force bellow Force-flash Force Jump Force meld "Battle meld" (Mentioned only) Force psychosis Force sense Force stealth Light side of the Force (Also mentioned as Ashla) Living Force Meditation Mind trick Force whisper Force persuasion (Mentioned only) Mind Walking (First appearance) Oneness (during mind walking) Plant Surge Telekinesis Force Grip Force Pull Force Push Truth-sense Force nexus Form-chair "Flowform couch" Fungus Glass Hive mind (Mentioned only) Holocron (Mentioned only) Horn family Hsoosh (First appearance) Huttese Sleemo Hyperspace Ice (Mentioned only) Impound station (First mentioned) Intravenous kit / "IV kit" (First appearance) Iron (Mentioned only) Jabori (First mentioned) Jedi Code Jumpsuit Keshiri Larmalstone Laser scissors (First appearance) Leather Lekku "Head-tail" Lightsaber combat Cho mai Cho mok Cho sun Sai cha Sai tok Shiak Lignan crystal List of phrases and slang Barvy (First appearance) Boombuggie (First appearance) Kark Kriff Stang Loub-paper (First appearance) Magma (Mentioned only) Mandalorian iron Marriage (Mentioned only) Medbay Mirrsteel Moss (in beyond shadows realm) Nanoscalpel (Mentioned only) Nanovirus (Mentioned only) Nath Goordian heirs (First mentioned) Nerf-hide Nickel (Mentioned only) Object B8 (First appearance) Olbio tree Permacrete / Duracrete Pheromone Photon Piracy (Mentioned only) Plasma torch Plasteel (Mentioned only) Plastifiber (First appearance) Poison Ramoan language Refresher Return Robal leave (First mentioned) Rock (Mentioned only) Rule of Two (Indirect mention only) Rutolu bush (First appearance) Sabacc (Mentioned only) Sandstone Sauna (Mentioned only) Siphon reed (First appearance) Skyborn (As "Protectors") Slave (Mentioned only) Sligh Slipper (First appearance) Smogbrush (First appearance) Snow (Mentioned only) Solo Slide Somatoll (First appearance) Star Princess Tenolodium (First mentioned) The Perre Needmo Newshour (First appearance) Thermite Those Who Dwell Beyond the Veil (Mentioned only) Torture (Mentioned only) Toydarian double-reverse spinner (First appearance) Transparisteel Trash compactor (Mentioned only) Tunqstoid (First appearance) Tythonian (Mentioned only) Vacuum Viewport Vine Eel vine / Snake vine (First appearance) Volcano Vor'shandi Yarrock (Mentioned only) Food and beverages Braboli (First mentioned) Caf Fizzee (First appearance) Gizer ale (Mentioned only) Hot chocolate Hubba juice (First appearance) Hydrade (First appearance) Mynock stew (First mentioned) Nerfmilk (Mentioned only) Nutripaste (First appearance) Polar water (First mentioned) Ryborean gax (First appearance) Slaur roe (First mentioned) Sip-pack (First appearance) Thakitillo (Mentioned only) Water Behind the scenesEdit Abyss contains several errors. 1) You entered or copied the URL incorrectly or . The Random House spring catalog PDF said this regarding the Fate of the Jedi series: "Fate of the Jedi launches a huge story arc, with heroic roles for the galaxy's most beloved charactersHan Solo, Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa Solo, and their surviving children, Ben Skywalker and Jaina Solo. Entertainment Video Games Lifestyle . In Sinkhole Station, Ben overcomes the distractions provided by Rolund and Rhondi Tremaine and travels beyond shadows with his father and the Mind Walkers' leader Seek Ryontarr, as Ben is worried that Luke is spending too much time beyond shadows. Perhaps the archives are incomplete.

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